Batsford Book of Music for Children, Rumens-Syratt

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Author Becky Syratt
Illustrator N/A
Format Hardcover
Pages 128
Publisher Sterling Publishing
Publication Year 2016
ISBN-13 978-1849943093

Meet Trudi Treble and Barry Bass: they’re here to take kids on a musical journey! With their help, children aged 5 to 9 will begin to learn the language of music and understand clefs, staves, notes, and rhythm. In addition to great games, such as making an edible stave and notes with candy, budding musicians will start to play some of the most popular instruments, including the piano, guitar, and recorder. Appealing, comics-style illustrations make the experience thoroughly enjoyable.

About Becky Syratt

Becky Syratt is an accomplished musician and music teacher, helping children aged 4 to 16 to learn to play music in various primary schools. She is an Arts Developer at the Coventry Performing Art services, and formerly worked for Music for Youth.