CD Holst: The Planets, Levine/CSO&C

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Discs 1
Record Label Deutsche Grammophon
Release Date 1991
Recording Year 1989

James Levine leads the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in a stunning, awe-inspiring performance of Gustav Holst's most famous work, The Planets. The Chicago Symphony Orchestra brass in unrivaled in their precision and strength, demonstrated throughout each movement of this masterpiece.

Track Listing:

Gustav Holst, The Planets, Op. 32

  1. Mars, The Bringer of War
  2. Venus, The Bringer of Peace
  3. Mercury, The Winged Messenger
  4. Jupiter, The Bringer of Jollity
  5. Saturn, The Bringer of Old Age
  6. Uranus, The Magician
  7. Neptune, The Mystic

Chicago Symphony Orchestra, James Levine (conductor)
Women of the Chicago Symphony Chorus, Margaret Hillis (director)