Mazzoli: Vespers for a New Dark Age (CD)

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Discs: 1
Record Label: New Amsterdam
Release Date: March 31, 2015

“Missy Mazzoli has a thing for unlikely connections and startling gestures, and one of her gifts is the ability to tease out the hidden logic behind her choices . . . Vespers for a New Dark Age unfolds as a meditation on technology on spirituality, alienation and self-interest. Its ominous but propulsive score ranges form the chamber-operatic to the electronic and semiabstract.” — New York Times

Vespers for a New Dark Age, commissioned by Carnegie Hall for the 2014 Ecstatic Music Festival, is a distorted, wild, blasphemous take on the traditional Vespers prayer service in which poems by Matthew Zapruder replace the customary sacred text. Percussionist Glenn Kotche rattles boundaries of the written score with his expansive virtuosity and supernatural energy, and the instrumentalists of the ensemble Victoire, armed with synthesizers, organs, amplified strings and winds, further bridge the sonic gap between the new and the old, the profane and the spiritual.


Mazzoli Vespers for a New Dark Age
Glenn Kotche percussion
Lorna Dune keyboards
2014, Carnegie Hall, New York City

Mazzoli A Thousand Tongues (Lorna Dune Remix)
Deidre Muro vocals