Mozart Little Thinker

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At the young age of five, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was already performing violin and piano for the crowned heads of Europe. If you want YOUR five-year-old to excel like this, you should surround him or her with inspirational toys such as the Mozart Little Thinker doll. 

We're not claiming your offspring will compose anything to rival Rondo for Violin and Orchestra in B-flat Major after playing with the doll. But it's highly likely your little prodigy will be able to hum Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, since the doll plays that famous melody. 

The Mozart Little Thinker stands about 11 inches tall and is dressed a red jacket, puffy lace shirt, and wig. And since you're never too old to be inspired, he would also make a thoughtful gift for people older than the age of five - perhaps even you! The music comes from an old-fashioned wind-up music box sewn into the plush doll. 

You and a Mozart Little Thinker will make beautiful music together!