Musical Adventures of Grace: Winter, Korber/Fraizer

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Author Kenneth E. Korber
Illustrator Pam Fraizer
Format Paperback
Pages 28
Publisher Tate Publishing & Enterprises
Publication Year 2015
ISBN-13 978-1504365307

The background for this Musical Adventures of Grace series comes from a casual question to his cello-playing son, Adam: "What are those little notes next to the big notes on your music sheet?" "They're grace notes, Dad." And that was the kernel that became the stories of Grace and her friends.

This Winter story represents the first of four seasonal adventures where a grace note is transformed into a little girl through the magic of a holiday concert, because she wants to know where the music goes after the notes are played. In the three stories that follow, Grace meets new friends and learns more about the magical things that can be accomplished through creating, playing, and listening to all kinds of music.