Famous Classical Tunes Keyboard Book, Taplin

Famous Classical Tunes Keyboard Book, Taplin


Author: Sam Taplin
Illustrator: Ela Smietanka
Format: Hardcover, 22 pages
Publisher: Usborne Books (2018)
ISBN: 9780794544058

A perfect follow-up to the Big Keyboard Book Famous Classical Tunes Keyboard Book takes ten of the best-known tunes in classical music and simplifies them into easy-to-read and easy-to-play arrangements for children. This book will have your child playing Beethoven, Dvorak, Verdi and Vivaldi in no time!

About Sam Taplin:

Sam Taplin grew up in a beautiful valley in Yorkshire, where he dreamed of being a writer. After three years reading other people's books at university, he started writing his own for Usborne. He has been doing it ever since. When he is not writing about lonely rabbits or inquisitive bears, he likes doing card tricks, writing songs and playing long games of chess by the fire.

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