Sit. Stay. Plié., Collum
Sit. Stay. Plié., Collum
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Sit. Stay. Plié., Collum
Sit. Stay. Plié., Collum

Sit. Stay. Plié., Collum


Photographer: Connie Collum
Producers: Kay Simon, Asha Gangolli
Format: Hardcover, 112 pages
Publisher: PMT Publishing (2016)
ISBN: 9780692773796

Alabama Ballet dancers have dedicated their lives to their art. Fellow performers feel less like coworkers and much more like a close-knit family — this includes their canine companions. On any given day, a different ballet dog may visit the dancers at work. The dogs are often seen running laps down the hallway and peering into rehearsals. When a furry visitor arrives, the atmosphere of the studio completely changes — tension and mental exhaustion from the hours of self-scrutiny melt away and are replaced by smiles and lifted moods.

Sit. Stay. Plié. celebrates the company’s dancers and dogs in a stunning photographic collection featuring the beauty and athleticism of dancers with the tail-wagging giddiness and curiosity of animals rescued from the streets and shelters of Alabama.

About Connie Collum:

Connie Collum specializes in fine art pet photography and portraits of pets with their families. She is recognized for her ability to capture real, unforgettable moments with an artistic flair. Connie regularly donates her talents and creative vision to rescue organizations.

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