The Sleepy Songbird, Barton
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The Sleepy Songbird, Barton


Author & Illustrator: Suzanne Barton
Format: Hardcover, 32 pages
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens (2016)
ISBN: 9780802736482

Peep awakes one morning to the sound of beautiful birdsong--but where is it coming from? It is the Dawn Chorus! And Peep wants to sing with them. But despite trying his hardest, Peep realizes he doesn't quite fit in with the other birds in the chorus. Little does Peep know, he is about to meet someone who will show him how special being a nightingale can be . . .

A heartfelt story about finding the beauty in what makes us different, this debut picture book is exceptionally illustrated by exciting new author-illustrator Suzanne Barton.

About Suzanne Barton:

Suzanne Barton has recently completed her MA at Cambridge School of Art and loves sketching at the local nursery and primary schools and being told by the four-year-olds that she is not very good at drawing. Suzanne lives in Oxford with her husband, and two children.

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