She Can Really Lay It Down: 50 Rebels, Rockers, and Musical Revolutionaries (Who Happen to Be Women), Frankel

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Author Rachel Frankel
Illustrator N/A
Format Hardcover
Pages 128
Publisher Chronicle Books
Publication Year 2019
ISBN-13 978-1452171654

The artists in this book defied genre and social convention to shape the music industry as we know it. But many of these incredible musicians have been overlooked or cast in supporting roles in their own stories simply because they are women. Until now. Author and illustrator Rachel Frankel shines a spotlight on 50 groundbreaking musicians through vivid portraits and heartfelt biographies that bring each icon to life on the page. Featuring an exposed spine designed to look like the neck of a guitar, this book pays homage to the rock goddesses who shredded, sang, and stormed the stage with ferocity and passion, inspiring a whole new generation of fearless, talented performers.